It’s good you left your cocoon and you face the world now. First step, find where to live. You know very well that your buddy will let you sleep on his couch as much as you like, but at some point you find a place all yours, and you move in.

1. You realize that to rent the apartment of your dreams, you have to burgle a bank

2. You choose a “bof” apartment, but you promise to decorate it well

3. Do you want to know more about …

4. An inflatable bed and disposable plates can do the trick at the beginning

5. You forget to buy toilet paper and detergent products

6. The magic no longer works and your clothes are no longer washed / ironed / stored by themselves

7. You learn to cook

8. You spend more time in the vegetables department than in the chocolate bar and cookies, but sometimes you crack

9. Day 176589: You have not organized an evening like in the movies

10. You go shopping for the whole week, and you throw half as a result of the mold

11. Carefully keep the phone numbers of the plumber, carpenter and electrician

12. You find an insect, and you are ready to put away your belongings and leave the apartment