These tips are general and do not replace the advice of a doctor. If you have serious sleep disorders, go see a doctor.

1. A list of things you have to do


It can be a shopping list, a list of administrative papers that you have to send, or a list of upcoming trips that you would like to make. In fact, the famous list that trots in your head every day but that you never do.

2. Finish or start a book


You know, this book that has been dragging on your bedside table for a few weeks or the one on the coffee table for months and that you have never opened. It is time.

3. Listening to a book


It is often thought that this practice is only for children, but there are plenty of books (for adults) that have their audio version. Rather than turning on the light and tiring your eyes, just listen with your ears. And in general, the narrators have VERY soothing voices.

4. Take an infusion of chamomile or verbena


In reality, you can choose any taste from the moment that it is an infusion that is without theine. Chamomile and verbena are nevertheless recognized for their soothing virtues.

5. Cooking


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If you’re the kind of person who wants to bring your meal back to work but you never have the time, take advantage of your insomnia to cook something to bring back or nibble the next day, like pancakes for example.

6. Masturbating

No need to look round, masturbating helps a lot of people fall asleep.

7. Draw

No need to be a great artist, but it is perhaps the time to develop your artistic fiber and at the same time to free your mind.

9. Start a dream

Yes, normally dreaming is when you sleep. But here we talk more about imagining a scenario in your head that will probably lead to a nice dream.

10. Writing

It can be writing personal things in your diary, writing to someone or even writing anything that can follow up on a poem or even be crazy to a novel.

11. Choose your outfit for the next day



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12. Changing your position

Yes, sometimes, just change position to find sleep. On the back, on the side or on the belly, it is up to you to choose the position that makes you more comfortable.