The Monday here! The beginning of the week that everyone wants to remove from the calendar. The Weekend blasts you so much that Monday seems to be made of lead. Besides, this is seen on your stretched features, dark circles, broken voice, heavy gesture and inspiration in standby mode. You are not ready for today or tomorrow.

At the beginning of the week, time takes another dimension, that of the long seconds as if one had a burden on the head. Discover, in Gifs, the unfolding of your Mondays.

1. Waking up

2. Some people need more than a wake-up call …

3. And there you realize that this is the first day of the week


4. Think about whether you can zap the day


5. To wake up, you overdose with caffeine

6. And as every Monday morning, the traffic jam is waiting for you

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday …

7. And then work …

8. And still the job …

9. The aprem, the fatigue resumes surface

10. 18h, the time of issue

11. You are excited as a chip at the idea of finding your bed

16. You are lounging there a little because yes, it missed you