Stripes, color block, lamé … The brands have dictated the major fashion trends that will govern the Spring-Summer 2017; Here are 12 that will hit you in the eye

What are we going to put on the back in the spring? This is the question that the fashion houses tried to answer last September, when Spring-Summer Fashion Week was held across the globe. And they did not lack inspiration! From the fantastic creations of Comme des Garçons to the aesthetic purity of Hermes to the accents pop culture of Moschino, a multitude of trends have emerged, dictating to fashionists the strong pieces of the season. Colors, cuts, details, influences, materials … Here are 12 fashion trends that will make the days of the current season and you will not be able to do without.

1. Scratches

Colorful, monochrome, rectilinear way or wavy almost psyche, the stripes will show us all colors, worn in mix and match with other printed or more punctual.

2. The asymmetric sections

Since the tops bardot and the slip dresses have been put in the cupboard, it is the asymmetrical dresses that, this season, come to emphasize the shoulders. And all this with a lot of volume and texture!

3. The high waist pants

It lengthens the legs, marries the waist and curves the buttocks … the high waist pants will not only be a must in its denim version, but in all its variations, from the most oversized to the most cropped, tied on the waist or Featuring a double button seamed.

4. The color block

If the monochrome silhouettes are in the spotlight this Spring-Summer 2017, the colors also mix to compose looks color block. The must ? The pieces are graphically patterned, not to have to think about the color combinations in the morning.

5. The combi

While it was known rigid as a blue work a few seasons ago, the combi returns in a version more sportswear, tightened at the waist and open on the chest. A combi, yes, but slouchy!

6. The bra

After attempting to impose a superimposition on shirts this autumn, the brassiere returns to the sources this season, worn on the skin for a look with accents 90’s. Even the lace bra is revealed under open blouses! Free the nipple!

7. The lamé

No sun on the horizon? No problem, a statement piece in lamé is enough to illuminate the day – not to say blind passers-by. Gold or silver for the most traditional (it can be postponed during the holidays!), It also tinted with pop colors that those who dare.

8. Transparent silhouettes

Fishnet, muslin, lace or guipure … no matter what material you choose as long as we glimpse our skin in transparency – or our whole body, as sewing houses seem to require!


9. The profusion of flowers

With the trend of the girl power displayed on the t-shirts this season, we find that of flower power. Exit the liberty prints in 2017: we want full, too much, oversized. And all this in total look, please.

10. The parka

Reserved for those who will undergo a fresh summer (those who live in the northern half, roughly), the parka will even be in the middle of August, ultra light and preferably gathered, in an athletic material.

11. The denim

As much as there are seasons where it plays fair play, as much it is still looking for in 2017. Destroy or without a fold, faded or raw, grunge or chic, the denim shows all facets but still respects a line of Driving: from the oversized and nothing else.

12. Shoulders playful

We wanted them bare last summer, we prefer them audacious this season! The shoulders will be the favorite playground for fashionistas, attracted by balloon volumes, square lines or intriguing excrescences. Hidden, yes, but valued all the same!