Each one of us has its characteristics and characteristics, but the friend who has a strong physical structure remains distinguished from others by his behavior and habits, which are often harsh and with a kind of authoritarianism and a sense of responsibility. To prove what we say, we will give you 11 habits and recipes characterized by these people.

1. Most of them are characterized by domination over others, believing that they are the strongest and that their decisions must always be taken

2. Always feel safe because they think no one will dare to attack them

3. They say “no” without hesitation and with all will

4. Influence the decisions of everyone

5. Accept failure, they know it is the beginning of success just like the first day in the gym

6. Take responsibility for their mistakes and pride

7. Do not like to compare them with others

8. In the field of sleep, they are heroes

9. Exercise is their priority

10. proudly publish their photos on all social networking sites

11. They have a special diet regime and do not eat everything