The soda is in tune at all hours of the day, and no circumstances are incompatible with the fizzy. No ceremonial to take a soda, the bubble drink pops out of nowhere and on the slightest occasion. Whether you sweat, let yourself be lounged, or you can surpass yourself alone or in a group, the opportunity to serve a sparkling, fresh drink is always present and so pressing!

When hiking with friends, with family in front of the TV, at work or even stuck in a traffic jam, a good sip of soda is only welcome. Who will say no to this moment of escape where the soft drink takes you by the throat, you nose up and makes you forget the moment?

1. At the beach under a sun of lead

2. Poolside pool

3. After a good intensive sports session

5. After a hearty spicy meal

6. Looking at a game with friends

7. In any festival

8. Around a campfire

9. In the car, when the heat is unbearable

10. Going home after a long day at the office

11. After a good home storage and cleaning session