A little, a lot, passionately! Ah love, this beautiful feeling … BUT not that! You thought you knew everything about him? Do not deceive yourself: Wevance found for you a few little facts that might surprise you. Ready? READ!

1. The heartbeats of two loving people synchronize automatically when they look into each other’s eyes for 3 minutes or more.

2. Making a hug to the loved one causes the same neural reaction as when taking antidepressants or painkillers

3. On average, when we fall in love, we lose two close friends

4. At the biochemical and neuronal level, being passionately in love is almost impossible to distinguish from a severe obsessive-compulsive disorder

5. Philophobia is the fear of falling in love or engaging in a romantic relationship

6. According to a survey, 2% of couples fell in love in a supermarket

7. According to an old English belief, February 14 is the date on which the birds choose their companions

8. 23% of couples who met at dating sites end up getting married

9. There are about 3 million first ever romantic datings in the world

10. Before Internet, “LOL” meant “Lots Of Love” (literally: a lot of love)

11. Many animals are monogamous