Some girls prefer the company of boys to that of girls, they find it easier to be friends with guys, and have all experienced the following situations.

1. You’ve been called “guy”

2. People think you’re a missed boy

3. Sometimes you say they forget you’re a girl, so they have no taboo with you

4. They are so great and love you so much that no guy looks good enough to you in their eyes

5. They help you to dissect the messages of the guys you like

6. And you help them to dissect / compose the messages of the girls they like

7. When you go out to eat with them you can eat 2 pizzas and 3 burgers and there will never be anyone to tell you: “BUT WHERE YOU’RE STOCKING? “

8. When a guy breaks the heart you have to hold them back from breaking his mouth in 1000 pieces

9. You’ve already asked one of them to pretend to be your guy

10. And you have already pretended to be the girlfriend of one of them

11. You have already tested a cosmetic on at least one of them