In recent times, we have been i-non-dice. The bridges were swimming pools, the roads to the sliding tracks were gone. If our infrastructure has not kept up too much, neither have we been able to cope with the rain and it has sometimes been very funny!

So here are 10 types of people facing the rain ☔️

1. The one who has thought of everything and who has the perfect umbrella

And we all hate secretly

2. He who professes to weep “it will not be seen”

3. The one who thought to have the perfect umbrella

4. Whoever is in his car and watching others giggle

5. The one who prefers Rihanna “ella ella eh eh eh eheh”

6. Whoever believes in “singing in the rain”


7. There are reading lovers in the rain

8. Swimming lovers in the rain

9. meditation in the rain and drinking a cup of coffee

10. Romance in the Rain, It’s Love ❤️