Did you know that if you did not tell your mother how you feel about her, time is going on more than usual? Do not make that happen, and tell your mother these things. Do not argue that society blocks these confessions towards parents in general, and you are the first to change the situation. Just tell her …

1. “I love you”

Because you really love her more than your love for life.

2. “I’m sorry”

It does not necessarily have to do wrong.

3. “Thank you very much”

For everything you have done for me since my birth.

4. “Relax”

It is enough that all these years have gone through.

5. “Enjoy Life”

Just as we were taught to do.

6. “Love Yourself”

As you love me.

7. “Know that you are the most important person in my life”

8. “I will always be your spoiled child”

9. “You are My Hero”

10. “Stay by my side”

Do not make anything separate me from you.