We often hear the term environment or conservation of the environment, whether in television channels, the Internet, or radio broadcasts. We talked about the environment in the school superficially, worked on a show, or participated in awareness campaigns about the importance of preserving it. But do we really understand the importance of the subject? Do we have a serious intention and self-belief that the environment is the common property of past, present and future generations?

The environment is the big house that contains a set of factors that provide a balanced life system for all living things, and man in turn, being the most important element in this system, it must preserve them and find solutions and habits, even simple, but they do good and leave a positive impression, Every human being will be able to breathe fresh air, drink pure water and so on.

So let us know about some simple habits in order to preserve the environment.

1. Use bicycles as much as possible, especially in short or medium distances

2. Close the taps and fix them in the case of water leakage and not overuse

3. Use water bottles to be reused instead of plastic

4. Use rechargeable batteries and avoid normal batteries

5. Inventory of waste and insulation of paper, glass and others

6. Do not throw plastic bottles and make alternative things

7. Drying clothes with a “rope of sawing” instead of electrical machines

8. Use paper towels instead of air dryer

9. Turn off the lamps in the empty rooms

10. Planting trees and plants