The person is moody qualities not appear in the appearance, but in his actions that do not give up childish no matter how old and large body, and the evidence in the following signs.

1. Bother a lot when you want to buy clothes

Stand in front of the dress for a long time and when you intend to buy it shows you another dress, sometimes go out without buying anything.

2. You buy the latest version of Smartphone and the month does not expire until you are tired of it

3. Your money runs out of the light

4. You do not have any hobby by virtue of being bored quickly

5. In love … Do not just one person and admire the many at the same time

6. Decision making is the most difficult task in life

7. Retract the last minute of a decision that took several months


8. I am not responsible and do not understand the idea of being connected even though you are the one who wanted it


9. Regret several times a day about things you did and things you did not do


10. Cancel the departures with friends even though you are the one who suggested them