A driving license is more than just a legal document that allows you to drive, but usually it has to be applied. The reason is that not everyone with a driving license has a car. There are some people who prefer to pass this test only when they make sure they can buy a car, and there are others who just want to get the license to drive their parents ‘car or their friends’ cars. Many sentences go to those who do not have this license yet.

1. how long will establish driving license

2. must allen estabilish driving license before time runs out

3. how do even lead the car in the city ?!

4. driving license will facilitate you very must

 5. how are you with transport ?!

6. no i continue to travel ?!

7. you will not do driving license


8. I have repeatedly test driving

9. when pass the exam driving will not go up with you

10. i have increased in the number of question 36/40