Shall we stop for a moment and ask ourselves what happiness really is? This baroque feeling that tickles our soul and lulls us by a pleiad of sweets. Yes, happiness is ephemeral but tangible. Its residues, though scarce and scattered, manifest themselves in the form of little pleasures of life, probably insignificant, but which fill us with joy and amplify us with happiness and bliss.

Happiness is not sought, it is present everywhere: In the gesture, in a smile, on the sofa in the living room, in a garden, and even at work. Just be attentive and less demanding.

Here are 10 proofs that the best things are always free.


1. Kissing a newborn

And marvel at his little hands and feet.

2. Sleep

If it is not happiness that?

3. Dancing


This moment of deliverance where you have no control over your body.

4. Laughter


Especially if you’re in good company.

5. Dreaming


Because everything is easily achievable in dreams.

6. Make cuddles


An antidepressant according to science.

7. Open a free lifetime bank account


The excitement is at its height.

8. Take a good shower after a long day at work


Tiredness ? What tiredness?

9. Drinking fresh water under a sun of lead


A frenzy of fun!

10. Listen to the showers and gusts of wind against the window while you’re under the duvet


And it’s free!