Nowadays, and thanks to the development of the services of our banks and the introduction of the digital to the financial field, one can easily do many things with his bank account, and sometimes even without leaving his sofa. Making a transfer, paying bills, shopping … all these tasks are now possible to do from home. Over time, we started to have a rather special relationship with our bank accounts … It became indispensable!

If you also can not imagine your life without having one (or several) bank account, then these situations will surely speak to you.

1. When you finally decide to open a bank account

2. When you are hyper happy because you feel independent and responsible

3. When you take out your credit card each time you buy

4. When you receive a letter / message from your bank

5. When you are warned that you only have 50$ left on your account

6. When it is the beginning of the month and your parents send you money

7. When you are sent money by mistake

8. When you visit your account at the end of the month

9. When you see this endless queue at your bank while you can do everything online

10. When you realize that you can not live without your bank account