What lucky guys! These wealthy people of nature who eat creamy pastries, fat dishes, at all hours, without swelling, without guilt. Yes, they exist! What to say? Nature has pampered them and it’s almost chiatic. Let’s discover the 10 annoying facts about these shameless foodies!

1. You never have a bide, people believe that your secret is the daily special abs training

The day before midnight, you have just swallowed a well-stocked Bolognese pizza … What an irony!

 2. You hardly ever weigh yourself

What’s the point? You know very well that your weight corresponds to you.

3. By eating, no guilt

You experience an unparalleled pleasure in eating the share of others and adding to it.

4. Tes amis et proches t’envient

Certains ne te féliciterons jamais.

5. Eat healthy … Uh, Okay! Big portions, thanks!

And after training, evacuate the place!

6. You always have your place in a ‘saturated’ elevator …

7. … And in the bus

We take the opportunity to flatten you against the glass

8. Your “case” is unsuspected among those who do not live with you on a daily basis

You’re a four-footed lure.

9. People keep saying, “You got thin! “

“Ah no, I eat … a little too much to your liking”

10. Even with bodybuilding, you’re always thin