Coins, postcards, photos, your vacation memories accumulate and you do not know what to do with it? Do not panic, here is a selection of ideas to give your interior a touch of trendy travel deco.

Small or great traveler, it is always a pleasure to bring back memories of holidays.

1. Coaster

Whatever you may say, paper charts remain indispensable when you go on an adventure in another country. Once back home, one is displayed on one of its walls.

2. A collection of exotic sands

Sand fine, coarser, white, golden, black, we would all like to bring some of these micro-stones home, after walking on one or more beaches paradisiac during his holidays. Know that it is possible, it is enough simply to bring a small container and once returned, to transfer the contents in a glass jar. Do not hesitate to indicate on a small label where the sand comes from and when you have brought it back.

3. Pendants with coins

Stand out with original jewelry. It can no doubt be said that these pendants or bracelets created with foreign coins will be unique creations. You will have to have the right tools because you do not drill a piece of bronze or silver so easily.

4. Framed foreign notes

After the coins transformed into jewels, it is the turn of the notes. Exit the fashion accessories, here we opt rather for a wall decoration. Some, like Australian or Indonesian tickets, are colorful and illustrated, and ideal for being framed. Promote transparent background frames to highlight paper coupons.

5. Customized terrestrial globes

Every self-respecting traveler dreams of having an earth globe. And if one is also a fan of deco, both make a stone two blows and customize the small planet Earth. With a sphere repainted so that you can draw in chalk, you can re-imagine your perfect world to infinity.

6. A travel souvenir box

The shadowbox is the alternative to the closed box, where all your memories remain hidden. Use a deep frame (eg Ribba from Ikea), which will expose your objects as you wish. As an added bonus, do a montage by recreating the name of your destination with the photos you took during your stay.

7. A mini photo album in a small box

We will not hide from you that photo albums, it takes up space. Then opt for the mini-photo albums in accordion that are stored in tiny boxes. Yes, the number of photos is quite limited but it will give you an excuse to sort them, because it must be admitted, these albums are too cute!

8. A travel scrapbook

For fans of DIY, it is impossible to miss the Scrapbook. It’s the ultimate travel album! You can make collages with your photos, museum tickets, brochures and other travel documents. But also draw the landscapes you discover during your adventure in a foreign country, or even tell about your day. In a way, it is the diary of the baroudeuses.

9. Instagram magnets for fridge

Polaroids magnets, another way to expose your vacation photos. Choose your favorite photos, print them and transform them into magnets to make a collage on your fridge, or simply on a magnetic surface.

10. World’s map

The timeless decorative object. Vintage, geometric, original, the world map is to be included absolutely when choosing a decoration on the theme of the trip. Pinch cities or countries that you’ve already visited using small colored bugs. You can also connect them using a red wire but also add a small photo next to each destination.