How to optimize a dressing room when it is full of clothes and that there is little space to exploit? Answer with 10 stylish life-changing ideas
Footwear littering the floor, closet doors that no longer close, a chair that disappears under a pile of clothes … That is the state of the place of our room, after months of shopping and a good dose of fringe. It must be said that despite our good will to better organize our dressing, our porters, dressers and drawers are still cruelly ergonomic and can not accommodate all our business! Without having to sort or even push the walls, here is how to gain room in our wardrobe, with 10 malicious hacks and which cost nothing. And because we are not the type to do things by half, we put a point of honor to that it has the mouth.

1. A good folding

Already that it represents a considerable effort to fold our clothes, it is not to break the head with a Japanese technique that requires a diploma of Polytechnique. On the other hand, rolling our clothes in a ball, we know how to do. And it falls well, because roulotting t-shirts and jeans can save a lot of space. Not to mention that by putting them in our drawers, we have better visibility; Finished the pieces at the bottom of the stack that is rediscovered 6 months later.

2. Functional hangers

Being able to put clothes on hangers is already a luxury – not everyone has a wardrobe available. But the storage system can be largely optimized with well chosen hangers that solve the problem of overflowing. How? By choosing either models of multi-row clasp hangers, or by using the system D of the can caps to fit the hangers.

3. One drawer bed

A mattress placed on the floor, it does not cost much and it is squarely Pinterest, but we will not lie, it also lacks practicality. While a bed on legs or drawers is more clever when you do not know where to head with our clothes. Slippers in vacuum or not, our clothes await us wisely until the following season, the opportunity to make clear place in the cupboards and drawers.

4. Lingerie compartments

When you know the time and money you spend buying pretty lingerie, it’s still a bundle to pile our bra and panties into drawers that disgust and do not bother To stir from time to time. To find your way and to gain space, we prick the pinhole the good idea of compartmenting our drawers with separators. It may be borderline maniac, but we assume!

5. Door Storage

Not only are hyper practical to store cosmetics, the door locks prove clever for all kinds of fashion accessories. No, we do not speak of coat racks full of cracks, but of thin shelves or metal bars fixed inside cupboards for example on which one disposes shoes, scarves, belts, sunglasses or jewels.

6. Shoe racks

Rather than aligning them against the wall of our room (or letting them hang out in the lobby, it’s more likely), we take inspiration from the shoe shops to make pretty shelves. It’s visual, it’s decorative and it does not take up space even in a small space, since the ground is released. On the other hand, it avoids to dispose of the godillots cracras, it is not the kind of thing that we like to have to the height of nose!

7. Accessories suspended from the wall

With the overflowing cupboards, it might be time to consider investing other places to store our clothes. Those who have an empty wall will be able to fix wooden pallet slats or a rigid screen to hang small everyday accessories that one always needs: bag, pairs of shoes, scarf, hat … Even to not overload it, it would quickly disorganize.

8. Bunk storage for shoes

To make yourself or to find on the web, this clever idea makes it possible to stack the shoes without dirtying them, to gain space on shelves. A system for those who take great care of their business and who do not like to swing them in bulk in cabinets.

9. A ladder suspended for carrying

Maybe similar storage systems but nothing beats a good old wooden ladder to bring a cozy touch. Suspended horizontally on a wall, it not only serves as wearing (why not hang hangers and hooks to vary the pieces) but also of shelf for possible boxes. Who says better ?

10. Hooks for hanging accessories

Attached to the bar of hangers, on a wardrobe, or even a shelf and a wall, the hooks store a lot of accessories that can take up a lot of space. These belts snaking in the drawers? These bags that crowd one knows where? Go hop, hang on a hook and we do not talk about it anymore.